Is it on Netflix?

I am sure I am not the only one who has been appreciating having services such as Netflix and Stan during the global pandemic. Watching films and TV is something that I have not doubt would be bringing a lot of enjoyment to people as we have all been spending so much time at home.

Whenever I have been talking with friends on the phone we always get to the questions “Have you been watching any good shows or movies?” and “Is is on Netflix?”

I couldn’t even begin the imagine the number of new subscribers worldwide Netflix has gained over the pandemic even with the emergence of other competing services such as Amazon and Apple TV of which I am a subscriber of neither.

I recall the time when I moved to the UK a few decades ago when we received a decent bill arriving at our flat, the infamous Green Door in Camden that we had not paid the TV license for sometime and it was well and truly overdue. One of my nine, housemates explaining to me that we had to pay to watch TV and I was trying to get my head around that and had never heard of such blasphemy, WTF?

Being a happy subscriber to Netflix and Stan I now think that my monthly subscriptions to these services are some of my most eagerly paid bills and I certainly appreciated these services long before the pandemic.

Always having been a huge film fan, I think my dream job would actually to be a film critic, followed closely by a job at the Richmond FC! I do not even bat an eyelid paying for my TV services, as I was once so horrified to find out I had too when living in London.

I could not have lasted through being at home so long without been taken in to the wild world literally of Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin in the Tigerking doco at the start of the Lockdown in Australia. After being told about it by my good friend, we watched the first couple of episodes at the same time as I think pretty much the rest of the world and were texting each after afterwards trying to understand what we had just seen.

I remember within about the first two minutes of the first episode. The opening to the show began with a series of snippets from some of those in the inner world of the central figures and I was hooked straight away.

“You know the monkey people are a little bit different. You know they’re kind of strange. But the big cat people are back stabbing pieces of shit.” “You know there’s not everyday that a zookeeper went to prison for murder for hire, so I’m sure y’all got a story to tell.”

While also being alerted to the fact as we see footage of CBS This morning news and a female news presenter exclaiming. “Here is a fact that may make you stop for a second. There are more captive Tigers in the US today then there are in the wild throughout the world.”

This is all within the first two minutes. If that doesn’t get you in to watch, I don’t know what will.

While also then seeing Chris Hemsworths movie “pop up on Netflix, wile not watching it for a few weeks then seeing one of Chris Instagram posts thanking everyone for it being the top show on Netflix. I decided to watch it and was on the edge of my seat the whole time, while being taken into a place I had not been before even on film, Bhangladesh, I was a little surprised how much I enjoyed being taken into this world which while remaining vigilant throughout but exploring a culture and plot line I had neither much of before and being drawn into the main characters. it and the story line considering there was a pretty big body count. The ending still intrigues me, was he still alive?

The other movie that popped up which I avoided for quite a while was 365 days but started to watch one night and after not too long considered turning it off until I googled it to find it was also the number one show on Netflix at a different time, I decided to put it back on. With a pretty thin plot, I decided to continue again being taken into the a world I had not known much of in Poland or have I watched many Polish films. While I usually like films with a bit more substance, I certainly appreciated aspects of this movie, hahaha if you have seen it you will know what I mean, the female population anyway!

These 3 shows films took me to explore can I say Exotic on 3 different levels, people, places and things, in that order.

Not that I spend my whole time watching tele, I likely would have watched more as we all have in this past 6 months. I do try and multi task at the same time so I don’t feel so guilty when I am watching eg: like folding washing, dusting areas in my living space.

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15 August 2020 | Lifestyle