Music, memories, mindfulness.

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of one of my favourite albums of all time What’s the Story? (Morning Glory) from one of my favourite bands this week. What came to me was to write about how music, brings back memories well it sure has this week as I have had an Oasis session pretty much everyday this week listening to Morning Glory and other albums. Memories of friendships, gigs, eras, fun, fashion, travel, times past and present, but what struck me was that is also brought me to a state of calm, contentment, familarity and happiness.

I don’t know too much from a scientific viewpoint what music does to us, but I know it is one of my passions. And while listening to loud rock music this week it never occured to me as it having a mindfullness aspect to it.

Of course I listen to meditative and relaxing music as well, but there was something so comforting about hearing this music that I grew up with and represented a time in my life where I was living overseas with friends in London, but really it should have as it was one of the most profound experiences for me and there was a lot of music associated with that era.

It was not long after my mum passed away suddendly that a friend asked me to go oversears and I ended up staying for 3 years. So perhaps it represents all those times, but all that growth and change that happened as well. Travelling and being carefree but also being imersed in a vibrant city.

11 October 2020 | Lifestyle | Well-being