Happy Holiday’s Hydrate Pack (Toning Mist + Oil Serum)


Incorporate the Superfood Toning Mist and the Superfood Nourishing Oil Serum into your skin routine to receive Super natural hydration with our expert Superfood ingredients.

Your skin will feel refreshed, revived, nourished and hydrated every time.

  1. The Superfood Toning Mist (125ml)
  2. The Superfood Nourishing Oil Serum (30ml)

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Just 3-4 sprays of the Superfood Toning Mist and 1 Pump of the Superfood Nourishing Oil Serum will leave your skin Super hydrated.

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$69. 95 

Suitable On ALL SKIN TYPES – Particularly Beneficial For Dull / Polluted Skins.

Get your Skin Holiday ready with the Happy Holidays Hydrate Pack.  Buy the pack and SAVE!  You will receive one of each of the The Superfood Toning Mist and The Superfood Nourishing Oil Serum in the one pack. 

Your skin will become Super hydrated with our Superfood Natural Ingredients ready for your Holidays.

The Superfood Toning Mist (125ml)

Rich berry extracts of Bilberry, Goji and Blueberries are packed full of antioxidants for the skin, protecting it against free radicals. The Aloe Vera base provides rapid expert hydration, while the aromas of Jasmine, Geranium, Lemon and Grapefruit envelop you after each application. This alcohol free mist awakens the skin leaving it refreshed.

The Superfood Nourishing Oil Serum (30ml)

Chia Seed, Avocado and Jojoba oils are quickly absorbed into the skin in this Superfood charged serum,  A myriad of decadent antioxidant rich ingredients in a silky, nourishing base are delivered to the skin to provide deep and lasting hydration, while fighting free-radical damage.  Seabuckthorn Oil, the hero ingredient is renowned for its anti-aging benefits and skin healing.