The Calm Kollection

A Calm mind is a Happy mind

My guest is a good friend of mine Liz Dingle an executive career and mindset coach with the Proctor Gallagher Institute. The PG Institute is run by two of the most influential and inspirational people in the world in helping people achieve their dreams and goals, Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher. If you don’t know them, Google them, you will be very glad you did.

Liz gave up her corporate career in Marketing to follow her passion to help people by starting her own business, to work the hours she wanted and to spend more time with her two young sons. She now works the hours she wants and has had more impact on people and business in her first year, compared to 20 years working in Marketing.

She facilitates a course called Thinking into Results, which helps people transform their careers, achieve career goals, get their dream job, start new businesses, expand upon existing businesses, increase performance in any field, create more wealth or generally learning and understanding how to adopt a more positive mindset. This impacts any area of our lifestyle including health and wellbeing.

Liz utilised all the tools she learned in the course and through her mentors in Bob and Sandy to change her career and lifestyle and now teaches people to do the same.

We all work so much that it’s important to do the things we love, but most people don’t actually know what that is or how to go about doing it if they do know. If you have ever had an idea or dream to do something but never did anything about it because you didn’t know how to go about doing it. Thinking into Results provides the tools to do so in the most comprehensive and simplified way possible based on over 50 years of research from Mr Bob Proctor.

While everyone is facing the challenges and change that the pandemic has brought to all of us. It is important to be able to adapt and adjust to these challenges in ways that can help you stay positive, optimistic and move forward through these uncertain times.

In the video we discuss tips here that can help adopt a more positive mindset. We recorded it early on during the first lockdown in Australia. I know I’m still learning how it all connects Thoughts – Feelings – Actions – Results it is a flow on effect beginning with what your thinking about.

I started learning about positive thinking years ago after dealing with the loss of both of my parents by the age of 22. I wanted to learn how to manage myself through those difficult times where I felt very sad and low. What I thought was helping me actually really didn’t as what I thought was positive thinking really didn’t make any lasting changes.

While three and a half years ago I started having panic attacks due to my unresolved grief and I also suffered from severe anxiety. It has been an ongoing journey of recovery and something I work on everyday. It was then that I started learning more about the brain and mind as mine was in a state of stress.

Learning to implement and understand this information is a really great way to adopt calm and become relaxed. They say a “Calm Mind is a Happy Mind” and it all started with me changing my thoughts into more positive ones.

Most people don’t realise all the negative thoughts that are going on behind the scenes each and every day. Liz told me we all have around 60,000 thoughts a day while 80% are negative and 95% are the same as the day before. I was amazed and shocked to hear this.

For me learning about the brain and the conscious and subconscious minds was so interesting and really the only way to learn how to change into a more positive mindset. I have always worked around scientists and research so I’m often intrigued to know more. The information is nowhere near as complicated as you may think, it’s actually pretty straight forward, it’s just that most people don’t actually ever learn it. The good thing is though, we all have the ability to change the way we think.

It’s also not enough to know, you have to do. Like going to the gym to workout each day, it is about implementing practices each day and like you see from the gym your body gets stronger so too does the mind get stronger.

We talk about things like one positive thought, gratitude and meditation which can help calm the mind and flows onto create more relaxed feelings and positive emotions. If you don’t feel good, it’s usually because you are thinking negative thoughts and many of us don’t actually realise we are doing it, I know I certainly didn’t. Changing them will start to change the way you feel and create more feelings of happiness and wellbeing.

What I have learned from Liz and what I have taught myself in this area has been some of the most valuable tools and information that I have ever learned. I hope that you will get something out of this or maybe it might even inspire you to want to learn more about it.

This video really only just scratches the surface. If you would like to know more about Liz and Thinking into Results, look her up on LinkedIn where you will find all the details and many interesting posts and resources she shares on her page. You can also drop me a line via email and I would be happy to answer any of your questions.

I will be discussing gratitude, meditation and other topics that enhance wellbeing in more detail on other videos and posts coming soon.