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The Konnection Club.

About us

Hola Amigos! (Hello Friends),

Welcome to The Konnection Club!

My name is Kathryn and I started The Konnection Club initially to run events to bring people together to connect as I had been learning about the importance of Social Connection on our Health and Wellbeing.

During the pandemic however I was not able to run any of my scheduled events so I decided to go on a different path.

I have always had a passion for learning about the human body getting an A in year 12 for phys ed which was my favourite subject. While my passion for exercise and fitness started when I joined my first gym at age 19 as I was overweight as a teenager and I have going consistently ever since then.

It was years later that I decided to learn more by studying fitness becoming a qualified personal trainer and then completing a Diploma of Nutrition and Dietetics for Personal Trainers.

I have always been interested in food not always in a healthy way but I went to a dietician when I was 19 to help me lose weight so my journey of learning about nutrition began.

I have had a really unhealthy relationship with food, been overweight, lost the weight, put it back on, then lost it again, been really fit, and then not so, battled with grief for decades after losing my parents by age 22. I recently discovered that I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress after my mother passed away and not what I thought was a mental ilness. It manifested 20 years later into me hacing severe anxiety, panic attacks and a mental breakdown and for the past 5 years I have been recovering from a physical injury to the brain because of PST. It is not a mental disorder but a physical injury that can result from witnessing a terrifying event which is what I did.

It has been a pretty intense experience over the past few years recovering from this, however this is one positive for me from the pandemic it has allowed me the opportunity to heal my brain mostly during sleep but many other Wellbeing practices which are proven in science.

What I have also learned during the pandemics is the power of social connection, family and friends. The importance of exercise as I was not able to engage in my regular fitness habits during the pandemic particularly the gym which was not easy. Over the years I have learnt to have a healthy and more respectful relationship with food. Managed and recovered pretty much from anxiety and panic attacks, accepted and let go of my grief and learned to lead a healthier lifestyle that supports my wellbeing. It really has been a huge learning experience.

Don’t worry there has also been a lot of fun times, laughter and great experiences in there as well!

While last year during the panedemic when I was in Lockdown and working from home I did a short course about the Science of Wellbeing which I absolutely loved.

Putting all this together I realised this was where my passions lie and through decades of experience of trying things out I now have an understanding that I would like to pass onto people.

Being a lover of films, music, sport, and coming from a huge family are also things I am passionate about. I hope to show you all the aspects that will be interesting and informative that go towards a healthy, wellbeing, lifestyle.

It’s the little things that can make all the difference towards creating good habits. We dont have to be perfect but there are things that are proven to support us to be happier and healthier.

While I am not a scientist I have worked in education and with researchers for more than 15 years so it’s always been something I have been into to learn and find out things, go deep and understand them. While studying computing I learnt to problem solve and figure things out so I have always been curious to get the answers.

I look forward to sharing all my information and knowledge, connecting with you all and growing The Konnection Club community.

It’s never been more important to come together as families, friends, communities, countries and look out for each other as one big global community to understand, engage, learn and love together.


Stay Konnected!