Let's Konnect - Speed Style!

A New Year can mean exciting new opportunities on the horizon.

While not a whole lot compares to that feeling of love and connection.

The Konnection Club’s aim is to bring people together at various types of events, as not only is it a more enjoyable way to meet people compared to awkward meetups via online dating, but being social is one of our basic human instincts and something we all need as much as food and water.

While we all love and require technology in our modern society, we want to get people off technology to come together to connect, socialise and interact, which is proven by science to provide many health benefits.

Our events are specifically for people open to love and connection, who enjoy meeting new people in a friendly, fun, environment.

They are an opportunity to meet many people in one evening in a beautiful venue, with music, food and fun.

The Konnection Club is hosting the following events in the beautiful town of Bendigo.

Let's Konnect - Speed Style!

For Men and Women (Ages 36-46)

Friday 24th April 2020 from 7pm.
At the Rifle Brigade Hotel (upstairs in a private function area)


For Men and Women (Ages 45-55)

Friday 29th May 2020 from 7pm.
At the Rifle Brigade Hotel (upstairs in a private function area)


For Men and Women (Ages 54-64)

Friday 26th June 2020 from 7pm..
At the Rifle Brigade Hotel (upstairs in a private function area)

Available Soon

The night will involve meeting 12 singles (Dates go for 6 minutes each) in a private, comfortable atmosphere.

Halfway through the evening we will break to enjoy lovely finger food provided (included in the ticket price of $55 per person) with drinks available to be purchased from the bar.

How much more fun does that sound than looking at someone's photo or trying to make a connection via an email or text.

It is so much more interesting meeting people in person and it's surprising what you gain from a short interaction with someone that might take days or weeks behind a screen.

Did you know that communicating with people face to face makes us more resilient to stress over the long term as we release all those feel good chemicals such as oxytocin.

Evolution has also proven that to be successful is to be more social.

So if you are open to Love, Konnection, New Opportunities and plenty of Good Vibes in 2020 then see what the New Year has in store for you.

Love, Konnect, Success - Speed Style is here to allow you to relax in a comfortable private venue, where you get to know each other and enjoy each others company, while taking in all the collective positive vibes in the room, to improve our health and gear us up for success.

Let your 2020 be filled with lots of Love, Konnection and Success!

If you fall within 12 months on either side of the age group then you are still able to attend.

Feel free to email any questions or inquiries using the button below, and we will get back to you soon.

The Konnection Club - Bringing People Together to Connect.