More About Us


My name is Kathryn and I started The Konnection Club to bring people together to connect and I would like to tell you a little bit more about me.

I was born and raised in Bendigo – central Victoria and grew up with lots family and friends. I moved to Geelong to go to Uni and moved to London for a few years afterwards. I only planned to stay for one but ended up there for three years, travelling in Europe and working in London and completely loving the experience. I moved back to Bendigo when I returned to study and then moved to Melbourne which has been my home for many years.

It all came about having spent much of my career working in offices and in front of the computer and I still do, which I really love as I’ve studied technology and love to develop my skills learning new technology and figuring things out.

I enrolled in a course in computing when I lived in the UK and did further studies in IT and Multimedia in my hometown of Bendigo. I have been able to work in some great places which have allowed me to further my skills and love for technology. However after working for many years behind a screen I often felt disconnected from people after a day at work.

Not that I did not get the opportunity to engage with my colleagues through socialising or at work learning many other skills, such as customer service, event planning and reception duties which are other reasons I started the business.

It really became evident to me though, that I was happiest when I was being social and felt connected to people, my work colleagues, my family and friends and being engaged with and meeting new people.

Some of my favourite jobs have been working in customer service, in hotels in London and Bendigo and at my sister in law’s cafe when I first moved to Melbourne. Working there also fueled my passion for the cafe scene and being able to talk with and provide service to the customers.

Having worked at different Universities in Melbourne for much of my career I also developed a respect and admiration for researchers and science. I currently work at a research institute that focuses on health, and while I am not a scientist I have always been fascinated by the human body.

From a young age I was committed and dedicated to learning about the human body. Phys Ed was my favorite subject in school, I got an A in year 12 and I’ve always been in gyms exercising, learning about fitness, health, nutrition and how to implement a healthy lifestyle. I didn’t always have a healthy lifestyle as I think like many people we turn to things like food, when going through any emotional times and I was no different. I became overweight through eating the wrong things. I always exercised but didn’t always have a healthy relationship with food. Learning about fitness, and nutrition has helped me through some tough times and while it hasn’t been easy I lost the weight as I was always committed to making changes and improvements.

So much so, that I decided to become a qualified personal trainer and also completed a diploma of nutrition and dietetics to teach myself in this area. While still always learning, I know first hand how much exercise and nutrition has had a very positive impact on me in all areas. I always have loved that feeling I get after working out and did it as much for my mental health as well as my physical.

I have also been fascinated over the years with learning about spirituality, well-being, the human mind, human behavior, relationships, learning about the dynamics, and now understanding some of the science behind creating and building relationships, social connections and as mentioned earlier meditation and gratitude. I have always been curious, wanting to understand things probably starting with the human body at school in Phys Ed and studying computers where we spent a lot of time figuring out how things worked.

So bringing all these reasons together The Konnection Club is now here!

Being the youngest of 10 kids, I grew up in a pretty big tribe, that has and is only getting bigger! It is truly amazing to have grown up with so much love and support and I absolutely think my family is just the best. Even for me though, I have felt disconnected, not seeing everyone as often as I could or should, with commitments and various things getting in the way or feeling I can connect through a screen or me just not making the effort sometimes.

However we must never lose sight of what has been ingrained in us as a species for millions of years. Being socially connected and part of the tribe or group was inherent to our survival and success as seen through evolution and science.

Face to face communication with people can make us more us more resilient to stress over the long term and provides many health benefits. I know personally I feel pretty energised and happy after spending time in good company.

So that is what has motivated me to start this business, to never stop learning, creating and working on my relationships and making the effort to stay in touch, get together and feel connected.

While I am not able to run any live events at the moment The Create, Calm and Lifestyle Kollection will bring together an online community of information, inspiration and people to get you connected. The Konnection Club is my way of bringing together all the things I am passionate about, to get you engaged and connected, while not forgetting – plenty of good vibes!

I look forward to connecting with you in our online community!

If anyone would like to get in touch with me or The Konnection Club to contribute or to discuss ways to get involved. I would love to hear from you.