Find Out Your Signature Character Strengths and Use Them For Greater Wellbeing.

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Do you know your Signature Strengths? I had no clue what mine were or had ever heard of them until I did the science of wellbeing online course last year during lockdown.

As mentioned it was through Yale University online via Coursera and taken by Professor Laurie Santos.

The first week covered knowing your signature strengths. We took a test through the VIA Institute On Character an American based organisation that studies the science of character strengths.

The test only takes about 15 minutes and then you get a report which covers the 24 character strengths and ranks them in order of your top strengths.

We learnt that having an understanding of your strengths and using them each day and in your work or job provides greater wellbeing.

I found this really interesting as I know that lots of people don’t enjoy their jobs, in fact millions of people don’t. Maybe it’s because they’re not using their signature strengths in their particular jobs.

The following is taken from the VIA Institutes Website, with many people now discovering just exactly what their signature strengths are based in science.

Join the over 13 million people who have taken the only free, scientific survey on character strengths.

I discovered my top signature strength was love of learning. Image Tim Mossholder/Unspash

With lots of information on the website about what they are and how to use them.

Your signature strengths are your top strengths. Those core characteristics that come most naturally to you, make you feel authentic, alive and engaged, and are easily portrayed across all life domains (school, work, community, family). Science proves that one way to find greater happiness and well-being is to use your signature strengths in new ways.

The 24 Character Strengths come under 6 virtue categories:

  • Wisdom
  • Courage
  • Humanity
  • Justice
  • Temperance
  • Transcendence

After taking the test I discovered that my top 5 Signature Strengths were:

  1. Love of Learning (Wisdom)
  2. Hope (Transcendence)
  3. Curiosity (Wisdom)
  4. Honesty (Courage)
  5. Kindness (Humanity)

You can pay to get a more detailed report but I didn’t as there is plenty of information and resources available on the website that allows you to understand your strengths more and ways to use them.

Research shows that applying your character strengths can help you be happier and more confident, strengthen relationships. accomplish goals and manage problems and stress.

A great reason to learn what they are and put them into practice as using your signature strengths is a practice of wellbeing proven in science.

Check out the VIA institute for all the information you need to discover, understand and use your signature strengths.


Featured Image – Kyle Glenn/Unsplash

Find Out Your Signature Character Strengths and Use Them For Greater Wellbeing.

5 April 2021 | Health | Lifestyle | Well-being