5 Simple Steps to a Sounder Nights Sleep.

Hola amigo’s (Hello Friends) Sleep is one of the most important things you do every day but many of us are either not getting enough, have regular interrupted sleep or sometimes feel guilty if they spend too much time sleeping thinking somehow it’s being lazy. Let me tell you that…

2 January 2022 | Health | Well-being

Find Out Your Signature Character Strengths and Use Them For Greater Wellbeing.

Hola Amigo’s! (Hello Friends) Do you know your Signature Strengths? I had no clue what mine were or had ever heard of them until I did the science of wellbeing online course last year during lockdown. As mentioned it was through Yale University online via Coursera and taken by Professor…

5 April 2021 | Health | Lifestyle | Well-being

8 ways to Wellbeing. Pick a few and do them really well.

Hola Amigos! (Hello Friends!) In my other blog post “8 Scientifically Proven Practices Of Wellbeing. I Proved They Work & You Can Too” I touched on the 8 ways (practices) of Wellbeing proven in science to make us happier and healthier. I also mentioned the course I took by Prof….

9 March 2021 | Fitness | Health | Lifestyle | Well-being

The 7 Essential Nutrients Our Body Needs From The Food We Eat.

Hola Amigos (Hello Friends), While food is the source of pleasure and sometimes pain for all of us each day. What I mean by that is each day we spend time thinking about what to eat, what to cook, where to go out and eat, where to get our food…

14 February 2021 | Health | Lifestyle | Well-being

Fuel Your Body The Nutrition It Needs & Deserves.

Nutrition is the fuel source of the body and while we all know this, it’s not always easy to comprehend at times. I’ve always been really interested in nutrition and more recently in the last few years I completed a diploma of nutrition and dietetics for personal trainers as I’m…

13 January 2021 | Health | Lifestyle | Well-being

8 Scientifically Proven Practices To Well-Being. I Proved They Work & You Can Too.

We all hear the word Well-being often now in our day to day lifestyle and all types of information to help us support our well-being, but what does well-being actually mean. According to the Oxford dictionary it means: the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy. While I think this…

5 January 2021 | Well-being

You Can Still Create Social Connections From Behind A Mask.

Masks have now become an item that we are all used to as part of the response to the global pandemic. While I recall the first time I wore one, feeling very surreal walking along my local street realising this is now part of our lifestyle. Having watched the movie…

11 October 2020 | Well-being

A little Daily Habit For Happiness

15 August 2020 | Current | Well-being

Home Office Morning Mindset

15 August 2020 | Current | Well-being